09. Instructions & Guidance upon the Death of Robert B. Stephenson

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These instructions pertain to what will occur upon my death and how my personal effects—books, art, artifacts, furniture, furnishings, etc.—should be dispersed and to whom. This will serve the purpose of giving guidance to my Executor(s), Trustees and Advisors. See also 05

09-00. Proposed update DRAFT

09-01. April 25, 2010 Most recent version.

09-02. My Obituary

09-03. Peterborough Marble & Granite See also 11-05

09-04. My Personal Effects

09-05. Digital Resources. See also 18-01.

09-06. Antarctic Collection. See also 18-02.

09-07. Jaffrey Historical Society See also 15-14.

09-08. Historical Society of Cheshire County See also 15-09

09-09. My "Chest of Memories" (Historical Society of Cheshire County) See also 21-02

09-10. Osher Map Library See also 15-17