22. Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge

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Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge (LWC) is a fiduciary in Boston. It employs my two trustees, Bill Perkins and Amory Logan. LWC manages my trust assets (portfolio) and my IRA.

Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge
230 Congress Street, Fl 12, Boston, MA 02110-2437
Web: https://lwcotrust.com

Trustee: William B. Perkins
Tel: (617) 622-2256
Cell Tel: +1 (860) 202-2932
Email: wperkins@lwcotrust.com

Trustee: Amory Loring Logan
Tel: (617) 622-2295
Cell Tel: ????
Email: aloring@lwcotrust.com

(These are only in the Loose-leaf binder; not on the website.)

22-01. LWC to RBS, November 14, 1997 with some comments on my estate planning documents.

22-02. RBS to LWC, November 20, 1997 enclosing some changes to my Trust document; also some tax documents.

22-03. RBS to LWC, November 24, 1997 enclosing some tax items.

22-04. RBS to LWC, December 9, 1997 enclosing tax documents and other matters.

22-05. RBS to LWC, December 19, 1997, enclosing Last Will, Declaration of Trust, 347 Main Street Trust.

22-06. LWC to RBS, December 31, 1997, enclosing original of 347 Main Street Trust and a copy of this letter.

22-07. RBS to LWC, January 8, 1998, enclosing copy of 347 Main Street Trust

22-08. RBS to LWC, November 25, 1998, enclosing documents as listed.

22-09. LWC to RBS, December 8, 1998, with copy of Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Amendment for the RBS Trust.

22-10. LWC to RBS, May 3, 2019, re reviewing estate plan documents.

22-11. LWC to RBS, May 6, 2019, confirming documents look good.