My Estate Plan

Robert B. Stephenson


Last updated: April 10, 2022

Most pdfs below are password protected. Indicated by

TABLE of CONTENTS: This corrresponds to my 1) Estate Planning computer files (> > Estate Plan [at bottom of home page]; 2) my Estate Planning Loose-Leaf binder at Rivermead; and 3) my two IKEA file boxes at Rivermead.

These items are in the same order; but that order is nonetheless irregular.

  Location of Originals and Copies of Items 1-9 below.

  Contact information for various people involved with this estate.

01. Last Will & Testament Most current version as well as earlier, now obsolete versions.

02. Durable General Power of Attorney

03. Declaration (Health Care)

04. Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

05. Declaration of Trust and Amendment(s)
               See Trust Distributions Excel Worksheet
               See 8 Main Street Unit 2 - Movable Furniture & Furnishings Excel Worksheet

06. 347 Main Street Revocable Trust

  07. Deed of Gift re all personal property (May 23, 2011)

  08. Acceptance of Trustees and related

09. Instructions & Guidance upon the Death of Robert B. Stephenson

  10. Property Deeds

  11. Cemetery Deeds & Information

12. Various Beneficiary Designations and related

  13. Rivermead

14. Passwords (IDs & similar are only in the Loose-leaf binder, not on the website.)

15. Regarding Specific Bequests & Distributions


17. Advisor to the Executor(s)

  18. Digital & Antarcticana Advisors to the Executor(s)

19. NH Charitable Foundation (Terra Nova Trust)

20. Identification

  21. VACANT

  22. Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge: (These are only in the Loose-leaf binder, not on the website.)

23. Lawyers

24. Cournoyer Funeral Home & Cremation Center

25. Bank Accounts

  26. VACANT

  27. VACANT

  28. VACANT

  29. VACANT

  30. Estate Plan Various Files & Containers on shelf in my Rivermead Office.

  31. Miscellaneous