Excerpts & Documents from various sources relating to the Meetinghouse

Jaffrey Meetinghouse. (1) From Cutter's History of the Town of Jaffrey, 1881.

Jaffrey Meetinghouse. (2) From Annett & Lehtinen's Town History, Vol I, pp 169-212.

Description of the Meetinghouse. (3) From Annett & Lehtinen's Town History, Vol I, pp 187-89.

Description of the Meetinghouse. (4) Handout adapted from Jaffrey Then and Now.

Chapter 4: The Meetinghouse. (5) Excerpted from Marshal the Willing Forces, pp 26-35.

Church and State, Religion and Education. (6) Chapter 2 of Jaffrey Then and Now; Changes in Community Character, pp 33-37.

Grand Re-Opening of The Meetinghouse; Schedule of Events, July 3, 1993. (7) Handout.

The Jaffrey Meetinghouse. Commemorative Program issued in Celebration of the Major Renovations to the Jaffrey Meetinghouse undertaken during 1991-1993. (8) Booklet.

Meeting House Birthday Party June 17, 1975. (9) By Helen Bean Krause. From Marshal the Willing Forces, pp 138-39, and…Thoughts on Freedom, Meetinghouses, Jaffrey and Life Itself  by P. J. O'Rourke, pp. 140-43.

Seats of Jaffrey Government. (10) This is a piece by Robert Stephenson that appeared in the Monadnock Ledger in 2010.

A written one-page document dated December 31, 1846, signed by Ethan Cutter, giving details on his agreement to ring the bell at the Old Meetinghouse. (11) See some biographical information on pages 212-13 of vol. II of the Town History. See also

The Meetinghouse and the First Minister. (12) A copy of Article and Action thereon from the First Book of Records, Town of Jaffrey, N.H. (This was found in the Jaffrey Historical Society archives. It is descirbed as a 'copy.' Exactly what the 'First Book of Records' is or where it resides is unclear. Perhaps it is in the Town Vault on the second floor of the Library.)

The Meetinghouse as Mentioned in VIS Records. (13) Various mentions of the Meetinghouse in VIS minutes, scrapbooks at Melville Academy and in the Town History.

All mentions of the Meetinghouse from the Minute Books of the VIS. (14) Various mentions of the Meetinghouse in VIS minutes.

The Town Clock. (15) Information on the Stevens Clock.

Roof Specifications. (16) Specifications for the re-roofing of the Meetinghouse, prepared by Richard Monahon Architects, 1995. This work was undertaken by Gilmore Construction (Dan Nelson) in 1995 at a cost of $18,710.

Grange Curtain—Survey and Treatment Proposal. (17) Curtains Without Borders, August 29, 2009.

Grange Curtain—Survey and Treatment Report. (18) Curtains Without Borders, September 27, 2010. Note: This is a large file.

Lightning Protection. (19) Inspection and upgrading, 2014.

Ramp Repair. (20) 2012.

Meetinghouse and Historic Churches: A Rich Regional Resource. (21) 1996. An issue of 'Monadnock Perspectives.'