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The box numbers in parentheses refer to the 10 boxes that originals are stored in prior to being shipped to archives.

(Box 01). a. Meeting Notices by Season. Incomplete.
                b. Special Meetings. See Box 09c.
                c. Annual Reports by Decade. Incomplete

(Box 02). Year Books. 1904 - 2013 (not annually). Missing: 1986, 1989, 1995, 2000.

(Box 03). Secretary-Treasurer's Minute Books. Complete October 1932 - June 2001.

(Box 04). Council Minutes. Incomplete

(Box 05). 5a. Scrapbooks. Complete
                5b. Clippings featuring Members and Speakers. Incomplete
                5c. Obituaries of Members and Speakers. Incomplete
                5d. Memorials and Miscellaneous Printed Material. Incomplete

(Box 06). Nomination Blanks and Support Letters. Incomplete

(Box 07). Correspondence, mostly to and from Presidents and Secretaries/Treasurers. Complete

(Box 08). Club Ephemera. Complete

(Box 09). 9a. Books written by Members or Speakers. Complete
                9b. Articles written by Members or Speakerss. Complete
                9c. Club Publications, Menus, Special Meetings & Keepsakes. Incomplete

(Box 10). Subject Areas. Incomplete.

(No Box). Harvard Travellers Club Archives. Various material related to the records of the Harvard Travellers Club and their eventual disposition. On-going.