Last updated: May 25, 2024

In most but not all cases the material here is dated during the first 100 years of the Club's history (1902-2002).
More recent material has been kept by past and present Secretary-Treasurers or other officers of the Club.

There are also various images related to the Club on SmugMug

The box numbers in parentheses refer to the 10 boxes that originals are stored in prior to being shipped to Harvard Archives.
Box 9d contains information related to the Harvard University Archives and the Massachusetts Historical Society
and relate to the final disposition of the HTC archives now in the possession of
Robert B. Stephenson located at 150 Rivermead Road, Apt. 243, Peterborough, NH 03458.
Some additional HTC items, in electronic form, are included at the end.

= This item or folder is physically in the Box indicated. Some items may be missing, so indicated.

(Box 01). a. Meeting Notices by Season.
                b. Fellows Meetings. Incomplete. Only one loose notice (March 31, 1916).
                c. Special Meetings. See also Box 09c (the contents of which have been moved here for convenience).
                d. Annual Reports by Decade. Some early ones missing but otherwise complete since 1950.

(Box 02). Year Books. 1904 - 2013 (not annually). Complete (as Year Books weren't issued annually there may be one or more that are unknown to us and are missing).

(Box 03). Secretary-Treasurer's Minute Books. Bound volumes. Complete 1902-23 and 1932-2001. 1916-32 missing.

(Box 04). Council Minutes. Volume 0 Loose, 2001-03. Volumes 1-8 in Portfolios, 2003-11. Volume 9 missing.
                Council Minutes. Electronic copies only. 2010-2021.

(Box 05). 5a. Scrapbooks.
                5b. Clippings, Articles & Obituaries of or about Members and Speakers.
                5c. Memorials and Miscellaneous Printed Material.

(Box 06). Nomination Blanks and Support Letters.

(Box 07). Correspondence, mostly to and from Presidents and Secretaries/Treasurers.

(Box 08). Club Ephemera.

(Box 09). 9a. Books written by Members or Speakers.
                9b. Articles written by Members or Speakers.
                9c. Club Publications, Menus, Special Meetings & Keepsakes. Much of the physical material included here has been moved to Box 01-c Special Meetings for two reasons: 1) Similar material; and 2) to consolidate from two boxes to one.

(Box 10). Subject Areas.

Additional HTC Items not in Hard-Copy Form

Memebers of the Harvard Travellers Club during the Years 1902-2002

Regular Meetings of the Harvard Travellers Club 1902-2016, Numbers 1-850

Miscellaneous Material
                Yet to come