Meetinghouse Tower Project Timeline

Updated: June 21, 2021.

2020May 8Moose Plate Intent-to-Apply due.
May 14Meeting at the Meetinghouse: Rob Stephenson & Mike Petrovick.
May 15LCHIP grant Round 19 Intent-to-Apply.
May 26Building Assessment received from Mike Petrovick.
June 9Selectmen authorize transfer of funds for Building Assessment.
June 19Moose Plate grant application due.
June 19Jaffrey's Moose Plate application hand-delivered to NHDHR.
June 26LCHIP grant application due.
June 26Jaffrey's LCHIP application received via Filemail.
Sept 14LCHIP Update submitted.
Sept 18Moose Plate $10,000 grant to Jaffrey announced.
Oct 6Public Hearing to accept Moose Plate grant advertised in Ledger.
Oct 12Jaffrey Board of Selectmen vote to accept $10,000 Moose Plate grant.
Oct 14Moose Plate Agreement e-mailed to Amy Dixon, NHDHR.
Oct 21LCHIP grant to Jaffrey of $68,500 announced.
Nov 2Town Manager signs LCHIP Project Agreement.
Nov 13Certified Local Government Intent to Apply e-mailed to NHDHR.
Nov 13Press release re LCHIP e-mailed to local media.
Nov 15Certified Local Government Intent to Apply due.
Nov 18Moose Plate grant approved by Governor & Council.
Nov 19LCHIP Grants announced virtually.
Nov 23Selectmen ratify LCHIP Project Agreement.
Nov 30NHDHR turns down CLG grant application.
Dec 2Private fundraising solicitation e-mail sent to selected individuals.
Dec 10Proposal for architectural services received from Michael Petrovick.
Dec 23 Architectural services agreement from Michael Petrovick accepted and signed by Jon Frederick, Jaffrey Town Manager.
2021Jan 1Agreement signed by Town Manager returned to Michael Petrovick.
March 3First invoice ($1,000) submitted to the Town of Jaffrey by Michael Petrovick Architects.
March 21Meeting with Town staff at Fire Station. Attending: Chamberlain, Frederick, Croteau, Deschenes, Petrovick, Davis.
March 8-12Review Field Work with LCHIP.
March 12Preliminary draft Statement of Work including Scope & Specifications provided by Michael Petrovick.
March 15-April 2Design Development by Michael Petrovick.
March 3Second invoice ($1,000) submitted to the Town of Jaffrey by Michael Petrovick Architects.
April 12$1,000 donation from Jaffrey Center Village Improvement Society accepted by the Board of Selectmen.
April 12$200 Incentive Payment from LCHIP accepted by the Board of Selectmen.
April 24 Town Meeting. Meetinghouse Trust Fund warrant article (Article 22); $3,000 approved unanimously.
April 29Fundraising letters sent to JHS, JHDC and Amos Fortune Forum.
May 7Spring meeting and inspection, Meetinghouse Committee.
June 8Meeting to review Specifications at Town Office: Todd Croteau, Mike Petrovick, Rob Stephenson.
June 9Todd Croteau e-mails Boilerplate Bid Documents to Mike Petrovick.
June 10Bid Documents delivered to LCHIP & NHDHR for review.
June 11Final Specifications delivered to Town of Jaffrey.
June 11Mike Petrovick e-mails George Born (LCHIP) re using copper/metal roofing on upper bell level roof.
June 11George Born responds to Mike Petrovick re using copper/metal roofing on upper bell level roof.
June 14$1,500 donation from Jaffrey Historical Society accepted by the Board of Selectmen.
June 18Draft Scope & Plans received from Michael Petrovick.
June 20Comments on Draft Scope & Plans sent to Michael Petrovick by Rob Stephenson.
June 20Draft Scope & Plans sent to Fire Chief and Building Inspector for final review.
June 18LCHIP Review.
June 29Scope, Specifications, Bid Documents ready for distribution.
June 29Scope, Specifications, Bid Documents posted on Town website.
June 29Advertisements appear in Keene Sentinel & Monadnock Ledger.
June 29-Aug 20Bidding period.
July 8 Mandatory pre-bid Meetinghouse walk-thru for bidders.
Aug 20 Bid due date & opening at Town Office at 9am.
Aug 23 Winning bid accepted & winning bidder notified.
Aug 25 Notice to Award signed by winning bidder & Town Manager.
Sep 3 Payment Bond & Performance Bond signed by winning bidder.
Sep 3 LCHIP notified of contractors to be used on the project.
TBDSelectmen approve closing of roads around Meetinghouse.
Sep 8 Pre-construction meeting on-site. Town & contractor representatives.
Sep 8 LCHIP approves Due Diligence and agrees construction can proceed.
Sep 8 Notice to Proceed signed by winning bidder & Town Manager.
Sep 8 "Project in the Works" sign (if provided) installed.
TBD Roads around Meetinghouse closed.
TBDConstruction commences.
TBDScaffolding installed.
TBDMichael Petrovick sends 50% Complete Letter to LCHIP.
TBDScaffolding removed (one-month rental).
TBDLCHIP Midpoint Site Visit.
TBDConstruction completed.
TBDFinal Site Visit by LCHIP.
TBDSubmission of final billing by contractor & architect.
TBDFinal Project Budget submitted to LCHIP.
TBDBaseline Documentation Report submitted to LCHIP.
TBD"Project in the Works" sign (if provided) returned to LCHIP.
TBDStewardship Agreement Recorded as required by LCHIP.
TBDState legislators notified of project completion as required by LCHIP.
TBDFirst & final disbursement of grant requested of LCHIP.
2022TBDFirst & final disbursement of grant received from LCHIP.
Dec 31LCHIP Grant Expiration date.