Meetinghouse Tower Project

Updated: August 26, 2021

Agreement between Town of Jaffrey and Mike Petrovick Building assessment. Accepted May 27, 2020 by Jon Frederick.
Agreement between Town of Jaffrey and Mike Petrovick Project development & Oversight. Accepted December 23, 2020 by Jon Frederick.

Tower Assessment. Mike Petrovick. June 15, 2020.

Images of the Tower
Images on SmugMug
Tower slideshow March 2, 2021
Drone images August 9, 2019

Surroundings. Additional information and images relating to the Meetinghouse and various buildings and sites in the immediate vicinity

Newspaper clippings


Project Timeline

Invitation to Bid
Project Scope of Work June 18, 2021

Bid Package FORMS:
      Invitation to Bid
      Authority of Bid Signatory
      Non-Collusion Affidavit
      Indemnity Agreement

Newspaper Bid Advertisements:
      Monadnock Ledger-Transcript June 29, 2021
      Monadnock Ledger-Transcript July 1, 2021
      The Union Leader

Bid(s) as submitted. One bid: Davis Construction, Peterborough, NH

Notice of Award. Yet to come

Agreement. Yet to come


Photos of the project work.Yet to come

Correspondence & E-mails

Scaffolding quote: Alternate. Vanguard. May 10, 2019.
Scaffolding quote: Full. Vanguard. May 10, 2019.
Clock Faces
Paint Specifications


Letter of Intent as submitted to LCHIP, May 8, 2020

Grant Application as submitted to LCHIP, June 26, 2020
      Attachment 1     Budget
      Attachment 2     Total Project Cost
      Attachment 3     Photo Sheet
      Attachment 4     Historic Certification
      Attachment 5     Planning Study
      Attachment 5a   Final Report on Jaffrey Historic Structures
      Attachment 5b   New Hampshire Property Documentation - Jaffrey Meetinghouse
      Attachment 5c   Historic Building Assessment
      Attachment 10   Acknowledgement Form
      Attachment 11   Photo Authorization Form
      Attachment 12   Photo Release Form

Various items from or to LCHIP.
      LCHIP Update September 14, 2020.
      LCHIP Historic-Resource Project Checklist

Project Agreement November 2, 2020.

Public hearing to accept grant. November 23, 2020.

Certified Local Goverment

Letter of Intent to apply for a CLG grant as submitted to NHDHR

E-mail rejecting application received from NHDHR November 30, 2020


Letter of Intent to apply for a Mooseplate grant as submitted to NHDHR, May 8, 2020

Grant Application submitted to NHDHR, June 19, 2020. Application signature page submitted to NHDHR, June 21, 2020.
      Attachment A - Photographs
      Attachment B - Contractor estimates
      Attachment C - Letters of Support
      Attachment E - Proof of Public Ownership & National Register Listing
      Attachment F.1 - Building Assessment/Structures Report
      Attachment F.2 - Final Report on Jaffrey Historic Structures
      Attachment F.3 - Historic Building Assessment

Award notice. E-mail from NHDHR September 18, 2020

Public hearing to accept grant. October 12, 2020

Grant Agreement. October 13, 2020

Approval of grant by Governor & Council November 18, 2020

Final Report to NHDHR. Yet to come.