Jaffrey Street Light Committee

Minutes of Meeting – 6/25/2008


Present:   Harry Young, Doug Clayton, Tuck Gilbert, Dick Ames, Anne Webb, Bill Oswalt



Harry Young began the meeting with a presentation on the issue of global warming.  A recent book, Peak Everything by Richard Heinberg, underscores the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and our dependency on fossil fuels.  This imperative will guide the Committee in its deliberations.


The Committee discussed recent publicity regarding the status of the Committee’s work.  While the publicity is welcome, there appears to be an implication in the news articles that the Committee has made final decisions regarding streetlights that should be removed.  This is not accurate.  It was agreed that Tuck Gilbert will prepare a letter to the editor to make clear that the Committee will arrive at final decisions only after a public review process.


The Committee decided by unanimous vote to prepare a draft statement of the criteria that it will use in identifying streetlights that should be removed.  Dick Ames agreed to develop this draft for Committee review at its next meeting.  The statement should address the need for having lighting at intersections and along sidewalks and the goal of providing no more light than is necessary at the lowest possible wattage and cost.


The next meeting of the Committee was scheduled for July 30, 2008 at 4 PM at Town Hall.





Respectfully submitted:




Richard Ames