Jaffrey Street Light Committee

Minutes of Meeting – 6/4/2008


Present:   Harry Young, Doug Clayton, Tuck Gilbert, Dick Ames, Dave Chamberlain, Anne Webb, Bill Oswalt



This was a special Committee meeting to view lights that Committee members have preliminarily identified as lights that could be removed. 


The Committee met at 9 PM at the Town Hall parking lot and proceeded by bus and occasionally on foot to view lights on Goodnow Street, North Street, Parent Street, St. Jean St., Fletcher Dr., Cross St., Peterborough St., Bourgeois St., Ridgecrest Rd., Hillcrest Rd., Turnpike Rd., Old Sharon Rd., Prescott Rd., Hamilton Ct., Charlonne St., Stratton Rd., Union St., and Woodbound Rd.


Committee members did not undertake to arrive at any decisions regarding the removal of lights.  Instead, in the context of particular lights, they identified a number of questions for further exploration and discussion.  These included: What consideration , if any, should be given to duplication or overlap of Town lights with private lights?    Where lights are needed along a sidewalk, how should they be spaced to meet the locationŐs lighting needs?  How bright do lights need to be?  Is the yellowish light of high pressure sodium acceptable?   What effect, if any, do street lights have on public safety and security?  What lessons can be drawn from the lighting used in other comparable NH towns? 


The next meeting of the Committee was scheduled for June 25, 2008 at 4 PM.





Respectfully submitted:




Richard Ames