Jaffrey Street Light Committee

Minutes of Meeting – 7/30/2008


Present:   Harry Young, Doug Clayton, Tuck Gilbert, Dick Ames, Rob Stephenson, Bill Oswalt, Dave Chamberlain



The Committee reviewed the initial draft of the document titled “Draft Guiding Principles and Criteria,” as prepared by Dick Ames.    Several changes were made by consensus, after which the statement was adopted by the Committee by a 6-0 vote.  A copy of the approved statement is attached to these minutes.


The Committee agreed that it will separately review and report to the Town leadership on issues related to private lighting of streets, parking areas and stores.


Doug Clayton and Harry Young reported on the progress of their work on the street light data base, including preliminary identification of street lights which could be removed consistent with the Committee’s guiding principles and criteria.  They hope to complete this work in collaboration with Rob Stephenson and the other Team 1 & 2 members within the next few weeks.  Harry Young will undertake to review this data base and the statement of principles and criteria with Town Manager Michael Hartman.


At its next meeting the Committee will undertake to finalize its plans for public review of its preliminary recommendations.


The next meeting of the Committee was tentatively scheduled for August 27, 2008 at 4 PM at Town Hall.





Respectfully submitted:




Richard Ames





JULY 30, 2008




Draft Guiding Principles


            Provide Needed Lighting:  Impelled by critical public safety and community concerns, the Committee is seeking to ensure that the Town of Jaffrey has an aesthetically appropriate street lighting system sufficient to meet the needs of its residents.


            Conserve Energy:  Impelled by critical global warming and energy security concerns, the Committee is seeking to reduce, to the maximum extent feasible consistent with the Town’s street lighting needs, the energy consumed by particular streetlights and by the Town’s entire street lighting system.


            Save Money:  Impelled by critical Town budget and tax burden concerns, the Committee is seeking to reduce, to the maximum extent possible, the recurring and long-term costs of the Town’s street lighting system.


Draft Guiding Criteria


            Intersections:  In general, there should be streetlights sufficient to signal the location of each intersection of major public roads where there is significant vehicular traffic.


            Sidewalks:  In general, there should be streetlights sufficient to illuminate sidewalks in densely populated areas where there is significant pedestrian movement.


            No Wasted Light:  The light provided by each street light should be no more than what is necessary to accomplish its purpose, should not illuminate the night sky, and should not shine into neighboring windows or yards.


            Energy Efficient Lighting:  The Town’s new street lights should be state-of-the-art in terms of the light (lumens) provided per watt of energy consumed and in terms of their long-term durability and maintenance needs.


            Consistent Lighting:   In general, there should be one consistent type of street light, providing light of the same color (whether yellow-looking as in high pressure sodium lights or white-looking as in metal halide lights), used throughout Town.