Jaffrey Street Light Committee

Minutes of Meeting – 8/21/2008


Present:   Harry Young, Doug Clayton, Tuck Gilbert, Dick Ames, Bill Oswalt, Dave Chamberlain, Rob Stephenson



The Committee approved the 7/30/08 meeting minutes after adding Rob Stephenson’s name to the list of those present at the meeting.


The Committee reviewed its “Guiding Principles and Criteria,” as approved at the 7/30/08 meeting.    By consensus, the Committee agreed to revise the provision regarding sidewalks to read:  “In general, there should be streetlights sufficient to illuminate densely populated areas (typically where there are sidewalks) where there is significant pedestrian movement.”  The revised “Guiding Principles and Criteria” is attached to these minutes.


Doug Clayton and Harry Young updated the members on the progress of the field surveys of lights that are being done by Committee members.  Significant progress has been made, including repeated field observations of the existing pattern of streetlight placement.  It was agreed that the findings from this work now must be clearly and accurately presented both on maps and on spreadsheets.  This will be done for the next Committee meeting.


After a discussion of the pros and cons of metal halide lamps compared to high pressure sodium lamps, members agreed that the metal halide lights, although slightly more expensive and less energy efficient than the high pressure sodium lights, are nonetheless superior due to the white and more color-true illumination that they provide.  The Committee agreed by consensus to recommend that the metal halide lamps be used throughout Jaffrey (except in the Jaffrey Center Historic District).   


Harry Young and Doug Clayton will continue to explore several questions with PSNH representatives, including whether and when PSNH could establish a rate for a 50 watt metal halide lamp; how difficult it would be at a later time to replace 70 watt metal halide lamps with lower wattage metal halide lamps;  whether CFL bulbs can be simply screwed into the Jaffrey Center Historic District fixtures in place of the existing incandescent bulbs; what billing and maintenance system needs to be set up to separate out the Historic District lights from the rest of Jaffrey; whether it is possible to temporarily install sample lights at a few locations.


The next meeting of the Committee was scheduled for September 25, 2008 at 4 PM at Town Hall.


Respectfully submitted:


                                                                        Richard Ames