SIAFU Reunion 2018

LAUNCHED: 2017.       LAST UPDATED: 16 April 2018

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Accessed at least many times since 12 August 2017.

ROB'S ITINERARY (Tentative):

No Day Date Description/Activity/Location Notes At Night
Saturday 17 Mar Town Meeting The Hills arrive at The Villages Jaffrey
Sunday 18 Mar Jaffrey
1 Monday 19 Mar LEAVE ON TRIP, Jaffrey-NYC = 223 miles. Parking: 165th & St Nicholas.
Rumely 1/3
2 Tuesday 20 Mar Hi-Line.
Cather exhibit at NYSL
Map exhibit at NYPL Rumely 2/3
3 Wednesday 21 Mar Snow. Cafe Luxembourg. Stalin movie. Rumely 3/3
4 Thursday 22 Mar Drive NYC to Kennett Square PA = 132 miles Conrad 1/2
5 Friday 23 Mar Atheneaum, Rosenbach Museum (noon-5)
Conrad 2/2
6 Saturday 24 Mar Drive Kennett Square PA to Rehoboth Beach, DE = 100 miles. Myrna Fawcett Rehoboth DE 1/2
7Sunday 25 Mar Rehoboth Beach Rehoboth DE 2/2
8 Monday 26 Mar Drive Rehoboth Beach, DE to Edenton, NC = 232 miles
9 Tuesday 27 Mar Drive Edenton, NC to Oriental, NC = 107 miles (but took longer way) Betsy 1/2
10 Wednesday 28 Mar Into New Bern Betsy 2/2
11 Thursday 29 Mar Oriental, NC to Charleston, SC = 297 miles Sleep Inn 1/3
12 Friday 30 Mar Charleston, SC
Sleep Inn 2/3
13 Saturday 31 Mar Charleston, SC Sleep Inn 3/3
14Sunday 1 Apr Charleston, SC to Savannah, GA. = 107 miles. Easter. Quality Inn, 7100 Abercorn Street, 912-352-7100. 1/3
15 Monday 2 Apr Savannah, GA
Quality Inn Savannah 2/3
16 Tuesday 3 Apr Savannah, GA Quality Inn Savannah 3/3
17 Wednesday 4 Apr Savannah, GA to St Augustine, FL = 176 miles Flagler College. St Aug Historical Society (Jean Waterbury).
Big Tom's Soul Food.
SaltWater Cowboys.
Quality Inn, 901 A1A Beach Blvd., St Augustine, 32080. $87
18 Thursday 5 Apr St Augustine Quality Inn, 901 A1A Beach Blvd., St Augustine, 32080. $87
19 Friday 6 Apr St Augustine to Kennedy Space Center = 114 miles Econolodge, 260 Merritt Island Causeway E, Merritt Island, FL
20 Saturday 7 Apr Merritt Island to Orlando.
Pick up Mary in Orlando. BA2037. Arr 3:30pm. Epcot to Orlando Airport = 20 miles
Orlando Airport to The Villages = 68 miles.
Arrive. Share stories and drinks at Fitzsimmons' house.
House-Renters can move into house shortly after noon. We will have the keys to the rental-house and the rental-golf-cart.
Probably a chicken-salad for dinner at Fitzsimmons, since arrival times will vary. Drink some beer, wine. Tell wild stories. Get caught up.
SIAFU Reunion 1/8 Villages
21Sunday 8 Apr Polo match. Watch a polo game from your golf-cart, or from the stands.
Polo price is $15 / person for golf-carts; $20 for stadium seating.
Dinner at a downtown restaurant, followed by Music in the Square.
SIAFU Reunion 2/8 Villages
22 Monday 9 Apr Mount Dora Canal Tour. $28 / person. Mount Dora is about a 1 hour drive.
Rusty Anchor Tour; 383-3933. 10am; 12:30pm; 3pm. Book online;  Maybe $3 off with “QTR” code? I would need to book everyone at the same time.
We are suggesting the 12:30pm tour, so we can arrive there early, walk around Mt. Dora, and grab a bite to eat before the tour.
Walk around Mount Dora before or after the tour. It's a nice, touristy town, with lots of shops and eating spots. s.
Optional: Also in Mount Dora - Segway Tour. $50 for a one-hour tour, but you get training on it before you start the tour. Pre-book, or walk-on. s.
Drive back home to The Villages.
Dinner at Katie Belle's restaurant, downtown Spanish Springs, in the Villages.
Visit the Spanish Springs town square with dancing and outdoor music after dinner.
SIAFU Reunion 3/8 Villages
23 Tuesday 10 Apr 9am; Air-gun shooting range; from 9am to 11am.  (after all, we're in the USA, so let's shoot some guns)
Tues. afternoon, Fitzsimmons-led Golf-Cart tour of the Villages.
Dinner outdoors, looking at the sunset on the lake, at some restaurant, downtown Sumter Landing, in the Villages.  eg. Cody's; The Lighthouse, or Amelia's, at Waterfront Inn.
Visit the town square with dancing and outdoor music after.
SIAFU Reunion 4/8 Villages
24 Wednesday 11 Apr Homossasa Springs State Park to view Manatees. $13/person. Walk around. Open 9am to 5:30pm. One-hour drive each way. Walk around. Lots of birds. It has an underwater-viewing-area to see the manatees, and LOTS of fish swimming. The manatees feed at 11:30; 1:30; 3:30.
It will be too warm for the wild manatees to be there, but the manatees that are under rehabilitation will still be there.
The park showcases native Florida wildlife, including manatees, black bears, bobcats, white-tailed deer, American alligators, American crocodiles, and river otters.
It also has birds (egrets, herons, pelicans, vultures, flamingoes, etc.) and other animals for viewing.  You do not need to book in advance.
Dinner on the way home in Inverness, at Stumpknocker's Restaurant;
Florida local food, seafood and bar. This is your big chance to eat some 'gator nuggets if you want.
SIAFU Reunion 5/8 Villages
25 Thursday 12 Apr Ocala Horse-FarmTour.  $50/person for a 3 hour tour of 3 farms.  Ocala is the horse-breeding capital of the USA. 45 minute drive. If you want this, you will need to book this in advance yourself.
Alligator Alley – trip to Paynes Prairie Preserve to see Alligators in the wild.
It's just over a one hour drive north of us. As of mid-March, it is 80% not-walkable, because it is still flooded from the hurricane last fall. But for the 20% walkable portion, there is a boardwalk, from which you should be able to see several alligators in the wild. Cost is free / donations. Who knows? by then, maybe the walk will be open.
Gator World; alligator park only 20 minutes away. You drive-through in your car, and try to avoid the alligators. Then stop and pet baby gators after. $19 each.
Organized sport: We can set up a "tournament" for us to play shuffleboard; Bocce; croquet; pickleball; etc. if you want.
Relax-sport in the Villages: on your own time, you could do shuffleboard; Bocce; golf, pickleball; etc. if you want. (we have pickleball paddles, golf clubs to borrow)
Relax-Relax. Lounge around by one of the many pools. All of this is no-cost, provided that you bring your visitor-pass and photo-ID with you.
SIAFU Reunion 6/8 Villages
26 Friday 13 Apr Last full day here. You're on your own. See day before. SIAFU Reunion 7/8 Villages
27 Saturday 14 Apr Must be out of the rental house before 11am.
Drive from The Villages to Panama City = 308 miles.
SIAFU Reunion 8/8 Panama City, FL
28Sunday 15 Apr Drive to Seaside, FL = 37 miles, then Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola = 72 miles, then to Andalusia, AL = 87 miles.
Andalusia, AL
29 Monday 16 Apr Drive Andalusia, AL to Atlanta, GA = 251 miles Comfort Inn, 795 Pollard Blvd. Atlanta GA 1/2
30 Tuesday 17 Apr Atlanta Atlanta GA 2/2
31 Wednesday 18 Apr Drive Atlanta GA to Asheville, NC = 197 miles Grove Park Inn, Ashville, NC. 290 Macon Ave, Ashville, NC 800-438-5800 1/2
32 Thursday 19 Apr Ashville Biltmore Grove Park Inn. 2/2
33 Friday 20 Apr Drive Asheville NC to somewhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway ?
34 Saturday 21 Apr Drive somewhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Amanda & Mark's Amanda & Mark's. 6035 Ridge Road, Somerset, VA. 1/3
35Sunday 22 Apr Montpelier, Monticello, Charlottesville Amanda & Mark's 2/3
36 Monday 23 Apr Montpelier, Monticello, Charlottesville Amanda & Mark's 3/3
37 Tuesday 24 Apr Drive from Amanda & Mark's to Winchester VA = 79 miles Winchester VA
38 Wednesday 25 Apr Drive from Winchester VA to State College PA = 160 miles State College, PA
39 Thursday 26 Apr Drive State College PA to Syracuse NY = 232 miles Dinner with Stams, Betty, Margo, Ed at Chophouse on Waring at 6:30. 200 Waring Road. 315-445-1976
Genesee Grande, 1060 East Genesee Street 13210. 1-315-476-4212. Conf #: 2036027733. PIN: 8809. $236.17.
40 Friday 27 Apr BACK IN JAFFREY = 254 miles Jaffrey
Saturday 28 Apr Jaffrey
Sunday 29 Apr Jaffrey
Monday 30 Apr Jaffrey
Tuesday 1 May Jaffrey
Wednesday 2 May Kevin, injection #1 Jaffrey
Wednesday 30 May Jaffrey Depart for Plymouth Scott 150 On plane

- Rumelys
- Conrad
- Fogle
- Amanda
- Betsy

- Disney World (61 miles)
- Epcot (66 miles)
- Kennedy Space Center (84 miles)
- Tampa (81 miles)
- St Augustine (99 miles)
- Key West (440 miles)
- Pensacola (406 miles)