July 2016

LAUNCHED: 6 July 2016.       LAST UPDATED: 24 July 2016

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No Day Date Description/Activity/Location Notes At Night
1 Friday 15 July Drive to Port Clyde
Stop at Osher Library
Stop Marett House, Standish ME roof
LL Bean
Dalrymple. Fish chowder.
Jaffrey to Standish = 145 miles via coast
Jaffrey to Port Clyde = 225 miles
Mill Pond House, Port Clyde 1/2
(207) 372-6209
2 Saturday 16 July Paul Dalrymple's Mill Pond House, Port Clyde 2/2
(207) 372-6209
3Sunday 17 July Lobster at midday
Drive to Houlton, Maine
Port Clyde to Houlton = 200 miles Ivey's Motor Lodge Houlton ME $111.78 total
4 Monday 18 July Gravestone, courthouse Houlton to Fredericton = 76 miles Summer Hotel, St Thomas University, 368 Forest Hill Road, Fredericton
5 Tuesday 19 July Fredericton, Archives, Oromocto Summer Hotel, St Thomas University, 368 Forst Hill Road, Fredericton
6 Wednesday 20 July In New Brunswick
Drive to Saint John
Fredericton to Saint John = 68 miles Saint John, New Brunswick
USB Saint John Summer Hotel
100 Tucker Park Road, Saint John, NB E2L 4L5
Tel: 506.648.5755
Booking number: 731703670
PIN code: 6489
7 Thursday 21 July Drive to Jaffrey. LL Bean Saint John to Jaffrey = 434 miles Jaffrey