November-December 2016

LAUNCHED: 26 January 2016.       LAST UPDATED: 29 November 2016

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Our apartment is at Platousgate 33.

Accessed at least many times since 25 January 2016.


No Day Date Location Description/Activity/Notes At Night
Sunday 27 November Larsens fly BOS-LHR. BA0238. Dep 9:45. Arr 16:30. Victory Services Club.
Monday 28 November Larsens in London
1 Tuesday 29 November Fly BOS-KEF. Icelandair 630. Dep 8:35pm. Arr 6:40am. Confirmation: 2NCQZK. Seat: 19B. Total (BOS-OSLO-BOS): $393.91. e-Ticket No: 108-7898546385. Icelandair: 1-800-223-5500.
Web: www.icelandair.com
Frequent Flyer: Username = rs41 Saga #: 160541104100 (new one) 11/12/16: Double zero at the end has now been dropped.
PW = 347mainst
Leave for Nashua by 1:30, take 3pm Boston Express bus to airport, arrive Logan at 4:20 pm.
Have dinner at Legal Seafoods. Flight at 8:35pm.
Justfly.com: Phone: 1-800-717-5015.
Web: http://www.justfly.com/my-account/auto- login/rs41@comcast.net/574b3c691cd44535ec0c08ef21a3cbc174d842ee/
Larsens in London at Victory Services Club.
On plane
2 Wednesday 30 November Fly KEF-OSLO. Dep 7:35am. Arr 11:05am. Confirmation: 2NCQZK. Seat: 29F.
Larsens fly LHR-OSLO BA766. Dep 12:40. Arr 13:55.
Leave luggage at Bj¿rvika Apts.
Get Norwegian SIM card; get Ruter pass
E-mail Marty Greene, Olav Helge, Larsens, Torill, Joe with my Norwegian phone number.
Bjørvika Apartments. Tel: +47 48 605 333. Booking No: 322307292. Booking.com. Check-in after 3pm.
Address: 15b Schweigaards gate, 0032 Oslo. Tel: +47 21 38 01 88. http://www.bjorvika-apartments.no/en/
E-mail; post@bjorvika-apartments.no
Bjørvika Apartments 1/6
3 Thursday 1 December Oslo
Marty Greene arrives in the afternoon. Staying at the Radisson Blu (Tel: +47 23 29 30 00)
Dinner with him and the Larsens. Perhaps at Louise. Aker Brygge, Stranden 3. http://www.restaurantlouise.no
Probably visiting National Library, Park Hotel, etc.
Meeting in morning with Geir and/or Benedicte re SouthPole-sium details.
Phone calls to bus charter company.
Meeting with Maritime Museum in morning with Linda Luna-Ruud +47 40 85 51 08 E-mail: Linda.Luna.Ruud@marmuseum.no
Bjørvika Apartments 2/6
4 Friday 2 December Oslo
Irish contingent arrive at end of the day. Staying at The Park Hotel.
Meet at reception with Henrik Smith
Meet with Vibeke at Park Hotel before 3pm.
Meet with Anne MelgŒrd: (National Library of Norway)
Tel: +47 23 27 60 63 E-mail: anne.melgard@nb.no
5:30pm 6pm Reception at Fram Museum
8:30pm Film
Bjørvika Apartments 3/6
5 Saturday 3 December Oslo
My talk at 11:40-Noon
Meet with Anne MelgŒrd: (National Library of Norway)
10am Amundsen Memorial Lectures
Noon Lunch
1-4:50pm Lectures
7:45pm Dinner on the Fram.
Bjørvika Apartments 4/6
6Sunday 4 December Oslo Sightseeing.
Otherwise, tracking down things or socializing.
Bjørvika Apartments 5/6
7 Monday 5 December Oslo To Sandefjord, Larvik, etc., weather permitting. With Olav Helge.
Back-up car rental. Enterprise. Confirmation number is 1817135418
Bjørvika Apartments 6/6
8 Tuesday 6 December Apartment check-out: by 12 Noon.
Fly OSLO-KEF. Dep: 2:05pm Arr: 3:45pm. Confirmation: 2NCQZK. Seat: 29F.
KEF-BOS. Dep 5pm. Arr: 5:40pm. Confirmation: 2NCQZK. Seat 36G.
Boston Express. Dep: 6:25, 7:25 and 9:25.
Larsens fly OSLO-LHR. BA765. Dep 14:10. Arr 15:40. At Hilton Garden Inn at LHR.
Wednesday 7 December Larsens fly LHR-BOS. BA213. Dep 11:20. Arr 14:00. To Jaffrey for 4 nights. Fly Logan to Arizona AA0583 Dep 9:25. Arr 13:27.

• Norwegian Maritime Museum
• National Library
• Uranienborg
• Sandefjord/Larvik
• Charter bus
• Charter boat
• Oslo Visitors Bureau
• Park Hotel