May 2017

LAUNCHED: 30 January 2016.       LAST UPDATED: 22 April 2017

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ROB'S ITINERARY (Tentative):

No Day Date Description/Activity Notes At Night
1 Monday 8 May Fly BOS-KEF Icelandair 630. Dep: 9:30pm. Seat: ? Total: $499.95.
Reservation No/Book ref: YPJHP9.
Frequent Flyer: 1605411041.
Leave for Nashua by 1:30, take 3pm Boston Express bus to airport, arrives Logan at 4:20 pm. Next bus leaves at 5pm, arrives at 6:35. Have dinner. Phone: 1-800-639-8080.
On plane
2 Tuesday 9 May Arrive Reykjavik: 6:30am. Fly KEF-OSL Icelandair 318. Dep: 7:50am. Arr: 12:20pm. Seat: ? Click here for map of Oslo sights/sites.
Preparatory work for SouthPole-sium v.3
Oslo 1/8
Park Inn
3 Wednesday 10 May Oslo
Shane starts off. Air France 2237: Phoenix-LAX. Dep 4:25pm. Arr 5:50pm.
Air France 77: LAX-Paris. Dep 7:15pm. Arr next day.
Preparatory work for SouthPole-sium v.3
Possibly dinner with Torill at Olympen.
Oslo 2/8
Park Inn
4 Thursday 11 May Oslo
Shane arr Paris 3:45pm.
Air France 1274: Paris-Oslo. Dep 7:15pm. Arr 9:35pm.
Larsens arr Oslo at 13:30.
Preparatory work for SouthPole-sium v.3
Dinner with Torill and Larsens at Olympen.
Oslo 3/8
Park Inn
5 Friday 12 May SouthPole-sium v.3 (1/3) Optional Excursion to National Library, Ski Museum and Amundsen's house morning through afternoon.
Registration (late afternoon onward).
Opening reception at Fram Museum (early evening). Followed by movie.
Oslo 4/8
Park Inn
6 Saturday 13 May SouthPole-sium v.3 (2/3) Sessions, breaks and lunch at Maritime Museum.
Reception in the Gjøa Building followed by dinner on board the Fram.
Oslo 5/8
Park Inn
7Sunday 14 May SouthPole-sium v.3 (3/3) Morning sessions at Maritime Museum.
In the afternoon either continue sessions or finish or have some sort of event, optional or otherwise. Possibly one or more movies shown at the Maritime Museum. On ones's own: Possibly a boat cruise; visit to the Folk Museum/Viking Ship Museum.
Oslo 6/8
Park Inn
8 Monday 15 May Optional Sandefjord-Larvik tour. Departing 8:30am from central Oslo. Returning by 6pm. Oslo 7/8
Park Inn
9 Tuesday 16 May Birthday Oslo 8/8
Park Inn
10 Wednesday 17 May National Day ("The highlight of the day is the big children's parade, and Norwegian flags and national costumes dominate the streets. The parade in Oslo includes some 60,000 children as well as marching bands.")
To Finse by rail.
Dep 12:03. Arr 16:23. Norway in a Nutshell. Ref No: 220073436
Leave some luggage in Oslo to be picked up on return.
Staying at the Finse1222 hotel, where Shackleton stayed while testing sledges. Scott did not.
Booking.com. Booking No: 1295.093.759. Pin Code: 6254.
1 room, 1 night, 2 beds, all meals. NOK 2,760. Ca. $326. Free cancellation.
Finse1222 Hotel 1/1
11 Thursday 18 May To Bergen by rail. Norway in a Nutshell. Ref No: 220073436
Finse - Myrdal. Dep 12:34. Arr 12:58.
Myrdal - Flam. Dep 13:27. Arr 14:25.
Flam - Gudvingen by boat. Dep 15:15. Arr 17:30.
Gudvingen - Voss by bus. Dep 17:45. Arr 19:00
Voss - Bergen by train. Dep 19:38 - Arr 21:01.
NOK 3,780 for two Oslo-Bergen.
Larsens dep Oslo to London at 13:15.

Click here for map of Bergen sights/sites.
Augustin Hotel booked thru booking.com. Booking No: 1629282606. PIN Code: 5785. NOK 1,390. Ca. $160. Free cancellation.
Augustin Hotel 1/1
12 Friday 19 May Sightseeing in Bergen.
Depart Bergen north by ship to Tromsø.
Depart 10:30pm.
Buffet prior to departure (paid for).
Hurtigruten. Ship MS Nordlys. Invoice No: 020415234. Client No: 9623692. Booking Ref: 929530.
Date booked: 11 October 2016 via stela.karabina@hurtigruten.com
Cost per person: £609, USPO (Polar Outside: Unspecified outside cabin).
Includes breakfast and dinner. No lunch.
Email: uk.sales@hurtigruten.com. Tel: +44 (0)20 8846 2666
Address: Bedford House, 69-79 Fulham High Street, London SW6 3JW
Ship 1/4
13 Saturday 20 May Ship Ports during day: Ship 2/4
14Sunday 21 May Ship Ports during day:
Larsens fly LHR-BOS arriving 13:30
Ship 3/4
15 Monday 22 May Ship Ports during day: Ship 4/4
16 Tuesday 23 May Arrive Tromsø at 2:30pm. Click here for map of Tromsø sights/sites.
Smarthotel Troms┐ booked thru booking.com. Booking No: 1571.693.809. PIN Code: 8437. NOK 1,316. Ca. $152.41. Two single rooms plus Breakfast. Free cancellation.
Tromsø .
Smarthotel 1/1
17 Wednesday 24 May Sightseeing in Tromsø.
Fly Tromsø to Oslo.
Dep: 5pm; Arr: 6:55pm
Norwegian Air (Freq Flyer: 59266309) Flight DY383. Booking Ref: YZ6DM5. Seats: 5E, 5F. Cost for 2 including one checked bag: $247.80. CapOne Visa.
Polar Museum. Amundsen statue. Polarinstitutt. Unive of Tromsø.
Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport thru booking.com. Booking No: 2018.899.440. Pin 0446. NOK 855. Ca. $99. Breakfast included. Free cancellation.
Pick up luggage left in Oslo or do so next day.
Clarion Hotel & Congress
Oslo Airport 1/1.
18 Thursday 25 May Fly OLS-KEF. Icelandair 319. Dep: 2:45pm. Arr: 3:25pm. Seat: ?
Fly KEF-BOS. Icelandair 631. Dep: 5pm. Arr: 6:35.
Boston Express bus to Nashua (Dep: 7:25, 9:25, 10:25).
Shane flies Oslo-Amsterdam KLM 1140: Dep 6:30am. Arr 8:20am.
Amsterdam-LAX KLM 601: Dep 9:50am. Arr 11:45am.


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