Ireland & Plymouth 2018

LAUNCHED: 2017.       LAST UPDATED: 16 June 2018

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Accessed at least many times since 12 August 2017.

ROB'S ITINERARY (Tentative):

No Day Date Description/Activity/Location Notes At Night
1 Wednesday 30 May Depart BOSTON Aer Lingus 138. Dep 9:30pm. Arr 8:40am. Booking Ref: 28KJ5S.
Freq Flyer: 3081471147344500.
Seat: none. Luggage: none. Meal: none.
Cost: $515.19 round trip.
Joe picks me up.
Boston Express. Dep: 3pm Arr 4:20.
On plane
2 Thursday 31 May Arrive DUBLIN Arrive 8:40am Dublin time.
Joe & Barbara's 1/3
3 Friday 1 June SouthPole-sium v.4 recce 11am, Helen Daly, The Stephen's Green Hibernian Club, 9 St. Stephen's Green. +353 1 673 0207.
Drove to Limerick. Visited with Joe's mother and sisters.
Joe & Barbara's 2/3
4 Saturday 2 June In and around Enniskerry. ? Joe & Barbara's 3/3
5Sunday 3 June Daytime ferry from Dublin to Holyhead. Dep: 8:05am. Arr 3-4 hours later. Drove through Wales then into England to Swindon. Great Western Hotel, Swindon.
6 Monday 4 June RGS AGM & Reception Bus to London. Cab to Naval Club. Walked to bank, Maggs. To RGS by cab for reception. Cab back to Club.
Naval Club 1/1
7 Tuesday 5 June Cab to Victoria Coach Station, bus to Swindon, drove to Plymouth. Plymouth.
Socialize at hotel.
Duke of Cornwall Hotel 1/2
8 Wednesday 6 June Scott 150 Program. Service at St Barthomews Church. Wreath laying at Mt Wise. Two talks. Banquet. Plymouth Duke of Cornwall Hotel 2/2
9 Thursday 7 June Visit to the Scott family vault in Ford Park Cemetery.
View the grave of Fred Daily from Discovery.
Paul & Andrea Davies 3-5pm in Kingsbridge.
Drove to Wales. Premier Inn at Caerphilly, Wales.
10 Friday 8 June Went down coal mine then to Hay on Wye. Drove to Tenbury Wells. Jane & Michael's, Bickley.
11 Saturday 9 June Daytime ferry from Hollyhead to Ireland. Drove, ferried to Enniskerry. Joe & Barbara's 1/3
12Sunday 10 June In Enniskerry. Dinner with Katherine in The Hungry Monk in Greystones. Joe & Barbara's 2/3
13 Monday 11 June SouthPole-sium v.4 recce 11am, Fiona O'Sullivan, Trinity College, +353 1 896 4499.
Drove to Athy and met with Seamus and Kevin at O'Briens. Dinner at Chinese restaurant.
Joe & Barbara's 3/3
14 Tuesday 12 June Depart DUBLIN. Arrive BOSTON. Joe drives me to airport.
Aer Lingus 137. Dep 11:30am. Arr 1:35pm. Booking Ref: 28KJ5S.
Freq Flyer: 3081471147344500.
Seat: none. Luggage: none. Meal: none.
Cost: $515.19 round trip.
Boston Express. Dep: 2:10pm Arr 4. Dep: 3:55pm Arr 6:15.