Meetinghouse Bell Ringing

Launched: 28 April 2020. Updated: 29 April 2020

The Bell in the Jaffrey Meetinghouse began to be rung by volunteers on April 12, 2020, at 6pm for two minutes and every evening since then to recognize and thank those working to protect us all from the Coronavirus.

The daily ringing at 6pm will continue through April 30th. Beginning May 3rd, bells will be rung once a week on Sunday at noon.

Those participating:

Vicki Arceci
Karen Ayres
Dick Boutwell
Bill Driscoll
Judy Driscoll
Sean Driscoll
Sean Driscoll, Jr.
Laurel McKenzie
Cathy Proulx
Rob Stephenson
Frank Sterling
Kathy Sterling
Kevin Sterling
Charlie Turcotte
Bill Weibel
Kathy Weibel
You can see some photos of ringers at