Jaffrey Cemeteries

NOTE: Some of the plans will need to be zoomed in on in order to make out detail.

NOTE: Recent lot sales are generally not shown on the plans.

A Guide to the Public Cemeteries of Jaffrey
Conant Cemetery
   Conant Cemetery Inventory [Being developed]
   Plan of Conant Cemetery
   Plan of the Conant Cemetery Extension
   Walking Tour guide

Cutter Cemetery
   Cutter Cemetery Inventory [Being developed]
   Plan of the Cutter Cemetery
   Plan of the Cutter Cemetery Extension
   Article on Cutter Cemetery (Appeared in the Keene Sentinel)
   Walking Tour guide (coming in 2020)

Old Burying Ground
   Old Burying Ground Inventory
   Old Burying Ground Inventory 1980 additions
   Plan of the Old Burying Ground
   Plan of the Old Burying Ground 1980 additions
   Guide to the Old Burying Ground
   Walking Tour guide

Phillips-Heil Cemeteries
   Phillips-Heil Cemetery Inventory
   Plan of the Phillips Cemetery
   Plan of the Heil Cemetery
   Walking Tour guide

Village (Baptist) Cemetery
   Village (Baptist) Cemetery Inventory
   Plan of the Village (Baptist) Cemetery
   Walking Tour guide

Smallpox Cemetery
   Smallpox Cemetery [From the Town website]
   Plan of the Smallpox Cemetery

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