A Possible Site Reconfiguration

Circulation to and from and around the Civic Center deserves some attention.

It's always confounded me that two driveways paralleling each other and only feet apart serve both the Civic Center and the Jaffrey Library. One would obviously be sufficient to give access to both buildings.

An option to consider would be to do away with the Civic Center drive and have all traffic access the Center and the Library by the current Library drive. This would save money in paving and plowing and would increase green space. And if need be, some diagonal parking could be developed on the west side of the drive which could serve both the Center and the Library. The Center's present parking could also be used by Library patrons.

Another option that could be considered is to develop a new paved drive parallel to Main Street going from the present Library drive—or the Center drive if it were to remain—westward to Bradley Court. (If the Library and the Center were aligned slightly differently this drive coud be a straight shot between Goodnow Street and Bradley Court. This might also be accomplished by running the new drive on the south side of the Soldiers Monument. Another benefit of this would be to increase the physical and visual access to the front door and patio of the Center.

There are several other permutations of this that might result in better circulation, more or better accessed parking, more defined open space, etc.

Robert Stephenson