(Box 09) Club Publications & Keepsakes.

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Capt. 'Bob' Bartlett Dinner Menu. A dinner attended by Captain Robert A. Bartlett who spoke on "On the Peary Expedition to the North Pole." February 11, 1910.

Eliot Dinner Menu. A dinner attended by President Charles W. Eliot who spoke on "The Social and Political Condition of China." January 17, 1913.

Handbook of Travel. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1917. First edition. 544 pages. A Google scan.

History of the Harvard Travellers Club 1902-1932. Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Marcus Press, 1933. 119 pages.

History of Harvard Travellers Club. An Address given by President Harrison E. Kennard at the 50th Anniversary Dinner, November 18, 1952. Included in the 1953 Year Book. 5 pages.

Menu for the 600th Meeting. November 13, 1984.

Menu for the 700th Meeting. March 11, 1997.

Shackleton(s) in Boston. A paper on Shackleton's visit to Boston and luncheon talk to the Harvard Travellers Club, as well as connections between the Club and other Shackletons.

Keepsake for the 750th Meeting. May 27, 2003. Includes the regular meetings from inception through Meeting 750.

Keepsake for the 850th Meeting. January 12, 2016.

A Chinese Banquet. March 19, 2016.

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