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By-Laws of the Association Revised August 3, 1991.

By-Laws of the Association Revised August 2011.

Past Buxton Family Association Newsletters (some personal details have been excised):
Mary Buxton Church Educational Fund

[Volume I] Buxton. A booklet on Buxtons issued by the Buxton Family Association in 1960. 32pp.

Volume II. The Buxton Family. Descendants of Anthony Buxton and Elizabeth of Salem Village, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England, 1637. Compiled and edited by Beatrice F. Buxton, 1983-1985, based on genealogical records of John O. Buxton (Vol. I)plus contributed materials form the Buxton Historians and other Buxtons, as well as the Editor's research, to date. Printed for the Buxton Family Association of America. 110pp. No date (ca. 1985). With one-page Errata prepared by Beatrice F. Buxton, Madison, Wisconsin.

NEW The Smithfield Buxtons

NEW Captain James Buxton

NEW Buxton Cemeteries in North Smithfield, RI

NEW The first meeting of the Buxton Family Association was held at the Douglas Camp Grounds in Douglas, Massachusetts, on August 5, 1905. About 36 Buxton descendants attended.

NEW Robert Bigelow Stephenson pedigree

NEW Heritage Hall. A possible venue for a future BFA reunion.

NEW Buffum Family Association. There is a long relationship between the Buffums and the Buxtons. On occasion the two family associations have held joint reunions.

NEW Friends Meetinghouse and Cemetery in Uxbridge, MA