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JAFFREY This is the town in New Hampshire I came to in 1977.
MEETINGHOUSE. General information on the Jaffrey Meetinghouse.

MEETINGHOUSE TOWER PROJECT. Planning and executing a variety of tasks on the Meetinghouse Tower: 2020 and 2021.

MEETINGHOUSE ROOF REPLACEMENT PROJECT. Planning and executing the replacement of the Meetinghouse roof: 2016 and beyond.

MEETINGHOUSE DOCUMENTATION PROJECT. Certified Local Government grant project 2014-15.


CEMETERIES. Information on the cemeteries of Jaffrey.


JAFFREY CENTER HISTORIC DISTRICT. This is the nomination form for the Jaffrey Center National Register Historic District.

DOWNTOWN (EAST JAFFREY) HISTORIC DISTRICT. This is the nomination form for the Jaffrey Downtown (East Jaffrey) National Register Historic District.

JAFFREY MILLS. This is the nomination form for the Jaffrey Mills.

SQUANTUM. A village in Jaffrey, NH.

RIVERMILL. Information on the Rivermill condominiums in Jaffrey, NH.

RIVERMILL. Restricted; meant just for the owners of Rivermill properties.

RIVERMILL Landscaping.

JAFFREY STREETLIGHTS. Streetlight study carried out by the Energy Committee in 2008-09.

JAFFREY DUMP COMMITTEE 2003. Data and reports steming from this Town committee.

4th of July READING of THE DECLARATION of INDPENDENCE. The annual Reading of the Declaration at the Meetinghouse.

A Walk around Downtown Jaffrey, a self-guided walking tour.

A Walk around Jaffrey Center, a self-guided walking tour.

A Walk around Squantum, a self-guided walking tour.

Jaffrey Center, New Hampshire: Portrait of a Village. By Coburn Kidd.

         Selected text from JAFFREY CENTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Portrait of a Village. By Coburn Kidd


JAFFREY IMAGES These are photographs, drawings, maps, etc., relating to Jaffrey.
Photographs of the Jaffrey Mills. These are stored on Drop Box.

A variety of scans of Jaffrey postcards. These are stored on Drop Box.

JAFFREY VIDEOS These are videos, most of which I've taken, of Jaffrey roads, cemeteries and events.




A FAMILY REUNION AT MATT'S. Saturday, June 27, 2020. (restricted)

A VARIETY OF PHOTOGRAPHS. Up in the Cloud on SmugMug

MY WRITINGS. (restricted) This is an archive of the various pieces of all sorts that I have written over the years.

CAMPUS PLANNING IN AUSTRALIA. August 1966. This is a paper I wrote during a Fulbright year at the University of Sydney.

B & N. (restricted) This is a page for my high school class at Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge.

THE LIBRARY of THE ANTARCTIC CIRCLE. This is my Antarctic library in downtown Jaffrey, NH.

SOME FAMILY PHOTOS. Prepared for the 2010 Family Reunion in Jaffrey.

FAMILY & GENEALOGY. (restricted) This is a variety of stuff on my family.

HERB WEST'S LAST LECTURE. Herb was an (in)famous professor of comparative literature at Dartmouth College and a great mentor to me, mostly after graduation when he led me in the ways of book collecting.


SIAFU Spain 2015. (restricted) This is a page for those of us who went through Africa together 40 plus years ago.

SIAFU Calgary 2012. (restricted) This is a page for those of us who went through Africa together 40 years ago.
Reunion Photos.
SIAFU Noosa 2010. (restricted) This is a page for those of us who went through Africa together 38 years ago.
A video by Ian Pasquill.
TWO DOT, Montana Where I worked during the summer of 1960 (and a later visit).

The Rick & Duffy Monahon Fund.

Terra Nova Trust.

Historic Churches & Meetinghouses of the Monadnock Region A poster produced for a conference on Meetinghouses held in Jaffrey in 1996.

Charade Cards.

Charade Card answers.

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Favorite Cartoons 2019

My Trips My Trips and Travels over the years and upcoming.

My House is For Sale 347 Main Street, Jaffrey, NH.

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